Kerim Muradov

During the offensive on the western part of the Oder River, the battalion of Kerim Muradov besieged the fortified positions of the enemy near the city of Wriezen. He and his fighters inflicted tremendous damage on the living and technical strength of the enemy, successfully breaking through their ranks. In the siege of Berlin, he also showed a mastery of command by preventing the regrouping of enemy troops, destroying them in small detachments.

For particularly brave actions in the 76th Yelnya-Warsaw Red Banner Order of Suvorov Rifle Division from January 1, 1944, to May 8, 1945, Captain Kerim Taganovich Muradov was awarded the Order “Legion of Merit” of the United States of America.

We are proud that Kerim Muradov is on a par with such internationally recognized personalities as Marshals G.K. Zhukov, R.Ya. Malinovsky, K.K. Rokossovsky, A.M. Vasilevsky (USSR), King Mihai I (Romania), General Charles de Gaulle (France), Field Marshal Sir Bernard Law Montgomery (Great Britain), who are also the Knights of the “Legion of Merit”.