Thank you for the Victory!

Bowing before the feat of the defenders of the Fatherland, one cannot help but bow down to the courage of soldiers' wives, mothers, widows, all selfless women who believed, hoped, loved and waited.

Those, who, in spite of any trials, has kept and carried through the years in their patient hearts kindness, light and warmth. Supporting relatives with devotion and love, they contributed a lot to the common Victory.

Days and nights, women sewed clothes, knitted warm clothes for fighters. During the war years, about 300 wagons with warm clothes, linen and gifts were sent from Turkmenistan to the front for soldiers of the Red Army.

Turkmen women thought about Victory when they donated gold and silver jewelry to the Defense Fund, among which were genuine masterpieces of jewelry. During the war years, Turkmen women handed over nearly seven and a half tons of silver and gold.